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night desert
Random Ramblings will return next week. I spent last week in the desert outside Reno seeing how the “real” other half live. The desert dweller life style is not something I would embrace either before or after my trip, but it did open my eyes to an interesting lifestyle. About 20 miles outside Reno is pure desert. Most of the land parcels are at least 10 acres and usually more. Propane, generators and well water is the norm as are septic tanks. There are paved roads that run through the middle of the area but everything else is dirt. It’s certainly odd to see the mix of million dollar, multi million dollar and what in someways resemble shacks dotting the landscape. At this time of the year, before the snow, dirt and tumbleweeds are the norm. Everybody has at least one truck (often more) and a couple of cars plus an assortment of motorcycles, dirt bikes and 4 wheel desert crawlers. I did some shooting for the first time in a long time and found out that my aim with a .357 magnum is still pretty good. Riding around in the desert has an eerie sense about it, but you can’t beat it for pure and simple peace. At night it is just about pitch black except for the lights of the houses littered throughout the area in what seems to be a haphazard pattern. It’s cold at night but it looks like the stars are almost within reach. I spent one evening at a ranch where a bon fire was blazing along with some very loud rock music. When your closest neighbor is acres away, I guess it doesn’t matter how loud your music plays. Everyone has multiple dogs and most have a few horses. Where I was, in unincorporated territory, we saw one resident with wolves (that’s right, wolves) and another who trained falcons. You don’t see that everywhere. It was definitely fun for a city slicker and beach bum like me. I’d definitely do it again. By the way, that well water was tasty!


heismann trophy 213
Instead of my normal cornucopia of ramblings, I thought I’d share an article by Chris Andrews (www.againstthenumber.com) about the Jameis Winston hysteria. It’s a different viewpoint and agree or disagree, it’s worth the read.


Vote Jameis Winston the Heisman Trophy? Not Me.


Rights and privileges are not the same thing.

There is a certain political correctness favoring a vote for Jameis Winston to win the Heisman Trophy.

I’m sorry. I could not vote for him to win such a prestigious award.

One of my daughters is a freshman in college right now and another is a college graduate. I would like to think their claims of rape would be treated much differently than the young lady who has accused Winston.

The Tallahassee police were either blatantly biased in favor of the Florida State football program or grossly incompetent in their handling of the case. One or the other. Period.

I am not any sort of psychologist or social behavior expert. It just seems to me this young lady has at least some credibility in this matter.

When her claims became public, her description of the assailant was ridiculed because of its lack of accuracy to the actual appearance of Winston. Much later the DNA tests confirmed that they indeed did have sex. Winston says it was consensual. She says it was not. The woman admits to being intoxicated, which could account for her poor description of Winston as well as not remembering who exactly was involved for the month it took for her to identify him. In case you are unaware, sex with a drunk or otherwise incapacitated person is rape.

None of this might or might not stand up in court. Winston is innocent until proven guilty. I completely understand and totally support that notion.

However, we are not talking about legal rights. The Heisman Trophy is not a court of law or even the court of public opinion. It is the most prestigious individual awards in American sports. A vote for such an award is no one’s right. It is a privilege that has to be earned.

If he was innocent of these charges, either he or someone at Florida State should have pushed for this to be cleared long before now. Winston hit the collective college football consciousness from his opening game performance. It is unlikely there was a Heisman possibility before then, but nonetheless Florida State has been in the national championship hunt for a generation. Any star for the Seminoles would be in the national spotlight. The potential cloud over their starting quarterback should have been addressed.

There have been false accusations against athletes and celebrities for a long time. This could be one more. I have a strong suspicion there are a lot more real cases that go unreported than unfounded or even fraudulent charges that are made. The mishandling of this case will certainly intimidate more women from bringing forth charges, real or imagined.

Football factory programs have a much better chance of producing a Heisman Trophy winner than a smaller school. They are publicity and money-making machines. They attract the best college football can offer. Any one of the top programs in the country should have handled this better. They bear a responsibility to their community and their student body to seek justice no matter how unpopular the outcome would be to their football program.

Winston might be innocent or guilty. Blame the Florida State administration, the Tallahassee police or Jameis Winston himself, but he does not deserve the Heisman Trophy.

No chance he would get my vote.


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