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…Dodger fans should be thrilled.  They have one of the best records in baseball.  They have new ownership meaning Frank McCourt is gone.  They have Matt Kemp, perhaps the best player of them all.  But something is starting to stink and it has to do with the truthfulness of the new owners.  In fact, either Magic Johnson, the Laker icon who is the new face of the Dodgers is clueless…or he told a lie to the fans and local media.  To appease fans who want nothing of McCourt associated with the Dodgers, Magic proclaimed that in the deal that was struck, “McCourt won’t get a dime from parking.”  That actually turned out to be one of those slippery half truths no doubt crafted by a Dodger attorney.  McCourt may not technically be getting a dime from parking, but in the deal struck with new ownership he is getting some dimes from the Dodgers, and a lot of them.  The Dodgers are paying $14 million dollars a year to an entity that is half owned by McCourt.  So it appears he has made a deal where he gets about $7 million a year in dimes from the Dodgers.

…There is also some talk about Magic Johnson, a so-called owner of the Dodgers.  Some report says he owns about $3 million of the team that was purchased for more than $2 billion.  Others say he was given a share of ownership to be the face of the Dodgers.  No one in the Guggenheim Group, owners of the Dodgers, is talking.  Just what is Magic’s role?  Is he or is he not one of the owners?  What’s the big secret?

…Final add Dodgers – almost every expert polled thinks the Guggenheim Group overpaid for the Dodgers.  Especially when McCourt apparently still has his hooks in some of the Dodger Stadium property.  Pundits are pretty sure that the deal couldn’t have been made without some thought toward developing the property and/or selling naming rights to the stadium.  Once again the ownership is mum, and in fact, said they haven’t even thought about either.  Reminds me of a song – Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.”

…A 22-year-old University of Idaho football player was fatally shot at a weekend party in Los Angeles, authorities said. Detectives were trying to determine a motive and a suspect in the early Sunday death of Ken McRoyal of Carson, who was killed while attending a photo shoot to promote a new woman’s clothing line, police said. A second man was wounded and treated at a hospital.  ”Whether he was invited or not, we don’t know,” said Detective Victor Marin.  Early police reports indicated McRoyal was shot when he got into an argument with a group, but Marin said investigators hadn’t confirmed whether there was any altercation.

…Torii Hunter was placed on the Los Angeles Angels’ restricted list Monday after his teenage son was arrested in Texas.  The town of Prosper, Texas, issued a news release announcing 17-year-old Darius McClinton-Hunter of neighboring McKinney, Texas, was arrested Monday in a sexual assault case. The release said Prosper police made five arrests after a monthlong investigation of sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony.  Prosper police spokesman Celso Martinez confirmed McClinton-Hunter is Torii Hunter’s son. Hunter’s family lives in Prosper, a suburb north of Dallas that’s home to several prominent athletes including Deion Sanders and Hunter’s teammate, reliever LaTroy Hawkins.  ”It’s a personal matter,” Scioscia said. ”We’re going to go day-to-day, and we’ll just see where it is. That’s all I’m going to say.”

…Break a leg, right?  In the first inning of the Rays’ 7-1 win over the Blue Jays, pitcher Jeff Niemann took a liner off his leg. No big deal right? Pitchers take liners off their legs all the time. They get a bruise here and there, but they usually fight through the pain. But when a liner fractures your leg, you usually can’t fight through that type of pain. Niemann did, at least for the rest of the inning. Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Jeff Niemann is expected to miss four to six weeks after fracturing his right leg during Monday night’s 7-1 win over Toronto. Niemann was struck on the ankle by Adam Lind’s drive with runners at first and second in the first inning. He recovered to make the out, but walked gingerly around the mound and was checked by the trainer before finishing the inning.

…Let the bikini battles begin!  The idea of a bikini hockey league came to Tulsan Cary Eskridge back in 2004 when the National Hockey League lockout occurred. The lack of major league hockey left the media scrambling to fill the void of hockey news and fans looking for other forms of entertainment.  Eskridge has a background in video production and has also owned inline hockey leagues on and off for the past 20 years and believes the Bikini Hockey League could bring back the popularity and awareness of inline hockey to the mainstream and introduce new fans to a great sport.  Starting next month, Eskridge will start filming the pilot of a reality TV show that revolves around a bikini hockey league.

…Add Bikini Hockey league – Eskridge told FOX Sports, “We have several different networks that are interested already. We’re not able to say who right now, but we feel like this could truly be compelling and interesting. There’s always a storyline with girls being from different areas of the country and the different personalities.”

…Has Kerry Wood pitched his final game   The Chicago Cubs reliever came in during the eighth inning of Friday’s game against the Chicago White Sox.  He struck out Dayan Viciedobefore he was replaced. His teammates joined him on the mound to congratulate him and he left to a rousing ovation. He was hugged by his son as he reached the dugout and moments later, he came out for a curtain call waving his cap to the fans at Wrigley Field as James Russell threw warmup pitches.  Wood is expected to retire after Friday’s game. Wood, who began his major league career with the Cubs in 1998 and struck out 20 Houston Astros batters in his fifth major league start, took the mound to rousing cheers. Wood went on the disabled list earlier this season with shoulder fatigue. He has struggled, putting up an 0-2 record and 8.64 ERA in nine appearances before Friday’s game. After a poor outing against Atlanta on May 8, a frustrated Wood tossed his cap and glove into the stands.  In all, Wood has been on the disabled list 16 times over 13-plus seasons.

…Phillies manager Charlie Manuel has been suspended one game for his nose-to-nose argument with plate umpire Bob Davidson during a game on Tuesday night.  Davidson also received a one-game suspension for what Major League Baseball called ”repeated violations” in how umpires are supposed to handle situations.  Manuel was ejected in the eighth inning of a 4-3, 10-inning win over Houston. He thought a ball had been foul tipped and got into an argument with Davidson that escalated into profanities.

…According to the New York Post, the wife of New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie decided to fake a suicide attempt in order to get her husband’s attention.  While seven months pregnant, Terricka Cason Cromartie sent her husband some very alerting text messages.  “God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?” and “I cut my wrists. I took those pills.”  While in Miami, Cromartie called the Randolph Township, NJ, police at 2:43 a.m.  “There’s a problem at my house. She’s bleeding. She cut her wrists,” Cromartie told the dispatcher.  Once the police arrived at Cromartie’s home, they didn’t get an answer, so they knocked the door down and ran upstairs and found Terricka in her bed with her two daughters, with no signs of an attempted of a suicide.  Terricka admitted that she faked the suicide attempt in order to get her husband’s attention since she thought he was “cheating on her.”

…If you were planning on bidding on this 1920 Babe Ruth New York Yankees game worn road jersey, you’re too late!  The bidding at SCP Auctions for this one-of-a-kind piece of baseball memorabilia closed this morning, with the winning bid coming in at $4,415,658. This pricey bid set the record for the highest amount ever paid for any piece of sports memorabilia, surpassing the $4,338,500 paid for a 2 page typed set of rules for the game of basketball written by James Naismith.

…UFC champ Jon Jones finally meet something he couldn’t beat.  Jon Bones Jones had a bad start to his day on Saturday. The UFC light heavyweight champion was arrested for DUI after crashing his Bentley into a pole in Binghampton, New York around 5:00 am, according to TMZ.  TMZ reports that Jones’ car was wrecked and that he was bailed out by his mother a few hours after being taken into custody.  This is nightmarish news for the UFC. The organization hand-picked Jones as the superstar they wanted to market the most. They had him wearing UFC-sponsored gear for his most recent fight, and he even appears in K-Swiss commercials with UFC president Dana White. Jones poses as a man with a strong religious background, and he was supposed to have a clean image.

…Jose Canseco made his debut last night with the independent Worcester Tornadoes when they faced off against Newark to open their Can-Am League season. Jose has been hyping his triumphant return to baseball recently on Twitter.  And as usual with Jose, it was much ado about nothing. Jose did poorly and finished the game going 0-2 with a walk and two strikeouts.

…A driver was beaten in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after a weekend game and four people were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, police said Monday.  The driver, a man in his 20s, was in stable condition with scrapes and cuts to his face and his injuries are not life-threatening, Sgt. David Armas said. His name was not released.  The man was involved in a minor collision Saturday night with another driver as he was leaving the stadium parking lot, and three men from another car also got involved, Armas said.  Armas said Dodgers security staff and uniformed off-duty Los Angeles police were at the stadium Sunday and responded quickly.

…The key witness in the Roger Clemens perjury trial testified Monday about three other baseball players who he said took human growth hormone.  Brian McNamee, Clemens’ longtime strength and conditioning coach, told jurors that he provided HGH to current Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte and former Yankee infielder Chuck Knoblauch. McNamee also testified that former Yankee pitcher Mike Stanton obtained HGH from drug dealer Kirk Radomski, after McNamee put them in touch.



Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain has been sentenced to 180 days in jail for assault and other charges stemming from a fight in his hometown when he allegedly threatened to kill a man and fired a gun next to his head.  Decatur Municipal Judge Bill Cook convicted the 22-year-old former Alabama star Thursday of third-degree assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and discharging a firearm in the city limits. He fined McClain $2,000.


Former NFL offensive lineman Lomas Brown, an ESPN analyst, believes more than half of NFL players smoke marijuana. Brown made his claim to the Detroit News on Friday. He said that three marijuana-related arrests of Detroit Lions players this offseason are just examples of what is a widespread problem in the league. “I just don’t think you’ll be able to curb this,” Brown told the newspaper.  Brown said the problem was much worse when he joined the NFL in 1985, when he believes perhaps 90 percent of players smoked marijuana. A CBS Sports report in April found that four out of 10 draft-eligible players this year failed at least one drug test at school and two of 10 failed more than once. About 70 percent of prospects at the draft combine admitted to using marijuana, according to an ESPN report.

…The Lakers appear better at finger pointing than at winning basketball games.  Another fourth-quarter collapse once again caused their undoing. They didn’t show much poise in the locker room, either, with Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum pointing blame at others for allowing the Oklahoma City Thunder to steal their second victory in three games.  Although Bryant missed eight of his 10 shots in the final quarter, he shrugged off his struggles by saying his teammates’ lack of aggressiveness “forced” him to take tough shots. Pau Gasol was singled out by Bryant once again.

…Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges stemming from an incident in which police used pepper spray to subdue him after an off-campus party. Rees, who turns 20 next week, is charged with one count of battery, two counts of resisting law enforcement and one count of illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. South Bend police say Rees kneed a police officer in the chest after he ran from the party early May 3 after officers arrived.

…Add Notre Dame Problems – Linebacker Carlo Calabrese did not appear before Steinke as scheduled Thursday. Assistant prosecutor Andrew White said sometimes defendants  are allowed to have their attorneys appear in their place. He said he didn’t know why Calabrese didn’t appear.  Police say Calabrese became upset when he saw Rees was being arrested, ignored warnings to stay out of the street and twice old an officer: ”My people will get you.”

…Final Add Fighting Irish – Separately, the South Bend Tribune reported that wide receiver DaVaris Daniels was cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor in his Illinois hometown early Sunday. The 19-year-old Daniels was one of 29 minors cited at a house in Vernon Hills, Ill.  Brian Hardin, Notre Dame’s director of football media relations, said football coach Brian Kelly would have no comment.  Kelly previously said he would withhold judgment until he could collect all the facts.

…PGA pro Anthony Kim will miss the next 4-5 months with tendinitis in his left forearm and pain in his right elbow after hitting a rock while playing out of the rough in the opening round of last month’s Valero Texas Open.  He will undergo treatment and rehabilitation for the injuries and hopes to be back in time to play the Fall Series. Surgery is not expected to be needed.

…Former welterweight champion Andre Berto has failed a doping test, and the promoter of his rematch with Victor Ortiz says next month’s fight is off.  Berto denied using steroids Friday, but said he couldn’t explain the voluntary test that showed evidence of nandrolone usage.





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