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…I’m still not quite sure why the officals picked up that flag for pass interference. Maybe they had a very sizeable bet on Dallas on the money line like I did. What other reason
could there be? You could be bitter if a Lion fan provided they didn’t throw a flag to begin with. But to throw the flag and pick it up, that’s another story altogether. Good thing
there isn’t legal gambling in all states because that might affect the integrity of the game.

…Aside from the penalty/no penalty controversy, remember this – Dallas went for it on 4th and 6. Detroit punted on 4th and 1. Caldwell more conservative than a tea party chief.

…And yes, Dez Bryant could have been flagged for being on the field without his helmet arguing a call. On the other hand, the league’s dirtiest player, the Lion’s Suh, should have
been on the bench and not on the field but had his supension overturned or rescheduled or whatever. As they say, Karma is a bitch.

…For once we on the West Coast can bash the normally unbashable SEC. The Pac 12 is 6-2 with Oregon still to come and a likely choice to win it all. The famed SEC did win 7 games
but also lost 5. Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, Mississippi State, and LSU were the o-5. They gave up a total of 198 points – and that equals 39.6 per opponent.

…At least the playoff system was a huge success. Without the system we would have seen Alabama vs. Floriday State. Ohio State vs Oregon would have been 3 and 4. The Pac 12 may
have a complaint or two about only advancing to the title game 3 times. Seven other times they had a team that finished 3 or 4. Just sayin’. The Big 10 had 5 teams finish 3 or 4
during the BCS era. Of course, you could be a TCU fan. Remember they were sitting 3rd when they beat Iowa State by 59 and immediately dropped to 6th. They validated themselves when
they crushed the SEC’s Mississippi in the Peach Bowl 42-3.

…Adam Silver, the commissioner of the North American NBA basketball league, wants to join forces with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to establish a legal framework for sports
betting in the US. Silver, speaking to ESPN, said that he would like to link up with Christie to lobby Congress in a bid to rewrite federal laws on the matter. In October, New Jersey
was forced to delay the launch of a new legalised sports betting offering in the state after a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order in response to a motion that was filed
by four major North American sports leagues, including the NBA, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. However, Silver has spoken previously about his backing of regulated
sports betting across the US and this week told the ‘Outside the Lines’ programme that he wants to establish a uniform federal structure that would acknowledge that sports gambling
already takes place in many venues. Silver said: “Governor Christie – and I’m happy to join him – should turn his attention to Washington, DC, to Congress, and say, ‘Here are all the
reasons it should be regulated, but let’s come up with a framework that makes sense on a national basis presumably that would allow states to opt in.’

…Online sportsbook CarbonSports.ag has opened the New England Patriots as 7.5-point home favorites for their date with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional Round next week.The
Ravens defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-17 as 3-point road dogs in the Wild Card Round Saturday, thus securing their fate as a No. 6 seed to go up against the No. 1-seeded Patriots.
The book has opened the total at 49.

…Online sports book Pinnacle Sports has opened the Denver Broncos as 7.5-point favorites over the Indianapolis Colts in next weekend’s Divisional Round. The book has opened the total
at 52. The Colts defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 26-10 as 3.5-point home favorites in the Wild Card Round, while the Broncos have the extra week off due to a bye. The Broncos opened
the regular season with a 31-24 victory over the Colts, but failed to cover as 8-point favorites.

…Seeds of discontent were sown in Buffalo last May, when the Bills traded up to land wide receiver Sammy Watkins. According to sources in the Bills’ draft room, former Buffalo head
coach Doug Marrone clearly was not happy with the trade. The Bills surrendered their 2015 first-round pick in order to move up five spots last year to select Sammy Watkins, who had 982
receiving yards and six touchdowns as a rookie. Marrone was not in favor of Buffalo surrendering a future first-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in a trade that did not involve a
quarterback, sources said. There are different accounts of exactly how unhappy Marrone was, with some sources recalling he stormed out of the room, and other sources simply saying he
walked out of the room. And thus Marrone has left the Bills.

…On New Year’s Eve 2014, a man was, not surprisingly, injured playing “bull poker,” which involves a group of people seated at a poker table in the middle of a bull fighting ring,
according to reporting from koin.com. The game is apparently won by the person who stays at the table the longest while a bull runs around the table, however Austin Bottcher was sent
to the hospital after the “poker players” attempted to grab a joker card off of the bull’s horn. Hopefully alcohol was involved.

…When Lacey Noonan saw New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski spike a football for the first time, her life would never be the same. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw
Gronk spike a football. It changed my life forever,” she said, via Boston.com. Noonan specifically mentions when the Patriots demolished the Rams, 45-7, in London in October 2012.
Gronk hauled in eight catches for 146 yards in that game, including two touchdown catches. So of course he did his patented spike after one of them. Noonan was moved. “It jettisoned
jiggling ribbons of electric jelly through my body and melted my knees like two pads of margarine,” she said. Gronk does have that type of effect. And for Noonan, it was inspiring. The
author decided to incorporate the Patriots tight end into a new book. And that’s where she got the idea for A Gronking to Remember. Noonan, who was written classics such as I Don’t
Care If My Best Friend’s Mom is a Sasquatch, She’s Hot and I’m Taking a Shower With Her, and Shipwrecked on the Island of the She Gods, decided to take a new angle in her most recent
book. A Gronking to Remember is an erotic novella which discusses one woman’s battle to stay faithful to her husband while pining over Gronkowski. The 38-page book describes many in-
depth fantasies involving the tight end — one of which played out on the football field. Of course it did.

…Perhaps the most interesting subplot of last month’s Marlins-Dodgers deal centered around Dee Gordon was the inclusion of Dan Haren. Haren previously had made it known that he had
no desire to pitch for a team that wasn’t on the west coast, and would retire if he was traded. Well, the Dodgers traded him to Miami, and there was some uncertainty about whether or
not Haren would join the Marlins, or if he would request a trade back west, or if he would simply retire and leave his $10 million salary on the table. We don’t know whether or not the
Marlins will trade him or if he’ll retire, but one thing appears certain – Haren won’t pitch for Miami in 2015. MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro has the details. Dan Haren has informed the
Marlins that his preference remains to pitch out West, and for a team that has Spring Training in Arizona. The 34-year-old California native had been weighing his options sinced he was
traded to Miami from the Dodgers on Dec. 10. If Miami cannot work out a trade, it is not clear yet if the 12-year big league veteran will retire. San Diego here he comes!


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