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…If you are a real baseball fan, you have to be at least secretely rooting for the Royals. What a breath of fresh air for baseball!

…A man who robbed a casino in Guam apparently felt so bad for the employees he was holding up at gunpoint that he gave them hugs and kisses before he left with $5,000. According to the Associated Press, the robber was wearing a camouflage baseball cap on top of a black ski-mask and abruptly entered the Lucky Land gambling room on Wednesday night with a silver handgun. His entrance caused several customers to take off for the exits. The robber approached three employees of the casino and demanded money. Video footage showed him stuffing cash into a black bag before demanding access to the office. He threatened to shoot the employees if they didn’t let him in. Once inside the office, the bandit also took a wallet from one of the employees, which contained about $200 and the employee’s ID. The whole ordeal prompted one of the employees to start crying uncontrollably, and the robber felt so bad that he decided to hug two of them (group hug!) and gave a kiss to one of the employee’s on his neck and another on an employee’s forehead before fleeing the small casino.

…The cards did not fall Phil Ivey’s way this week. A judge presiding over his lawsuit against a London casino for withholding his $12.4 million in winnings he accumulated playing a high-stakes table game in 2012 said that the 10-time WSOP bracelet winner did in fact cheat the casino. Ivey admitted to edge sorting, which is a tactic that involves noticing manufacturing defects on the sides of playing cards. Ivey and his partner never touched the cards and thus maintained that their strategy was sheer skill and definitely not cheating.
In order to edge sort, Ivey and his companion did ask the dealer to turn the cards a specific way. Still, the firm who made the defective cards acknowledged making a mistake. Despite this, the judge disagreed with Ivey and his lawyers. “He gave himself an advantage which the game precludes,” the judge said following a week-long trial, Bloomberg reported. “This is in my view cheating.” “We attach the greatest importance to our exemplary reputation for fair, honest and professional conduct and today’s ruling vindicates the steps we have taken in this matter,” Genting Crockfords London said in an e-mailed statement after the verdict. Ivey was not granted permission to appeal the verdict.

…Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston’s attorney has challenged why the university plans to conduct a disciplinary hearing nearly two years after Winston was accused of sexually assaulting a former FSU student in December 2012. In a letter sent to FSU general counsel Carolyn Egan on Tuesday, Atlanta-based attorney David Cornwell asked why FSU plans to conduct a hearing, which he said would ignore the university’s sexual harassment policy and the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines for conducting a Title IX investigation, which require that an inquiry be completed in a timely manner. “Winston’s cooperation came with the expectation that the process would be fair,” Cornwell wrote in the letter. “In this regard, I advise FSU that I believe ‘Mr. Winston is entitled to an explanation for FSU’s decision to ignore its own policy with respect to the timeliness of the Title IX process.'” John Clune, the woman’s attorney, said Cornwell is only trying to delay the hearing to keep Winston on the field as long as possible. “It sounds like the plan for Mr. Winston is to stall this out as long as possible to get through this football season,” Clune said. “The school needs to be bigger than the football program for the moment and just get this hearing done. It’s not rocket science. They do these all the time for students that haven’t won the Heisman Trophy.”

…The family of Dave Duerson, the former Chicago Bears defensive back who committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest to preserve his brain for study, filed an objection to the NFL concussion settlement Tuesday. The objection, like a similar one filed on behalf of seven other former players, blasts the deal as unfair for limiting payouts for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the neurodegenerative disease that sparked the NFL’s concussion crisis. Attorneys for Duerson and nine other ex-players argue that the settlement “disenfranchises the families who will inevitably suffer the horrific ramifications of CTE” by not compensating players who are diagnosed with the disease after July 7 of this year — the date the settlement received preliminary approval from U.S. District Judge Anita Brody.

…Add Concussion Settlement – Duerson’s objection follows one initially filed by seven former NFL players, including concussion activist Sean Morey. That 125-page formal objection came last week and contended that the settlement is nothing less than a “sell-out of an otherwise strong case” that is “designed to dramatically reduce the number of claims on which the NFL must pay.” The filing included a declaration by Robert Stern, a Boston University professor of neurology and one of the leading experts on CTE, who concluded that players “who suffer from many of the most disturbing and disabling symptoms of CTE would not be compensated under the settlement.” Duerson’s lawyers adopted the Stern affidavit for their objection.

…Try to make sense out of this one. I dare you. Dallas Cowboys reserve running back Joseph Randle was arrested for shoplifting from a suburban mall Monday night. Randle was charged with a misdemeanor Class B theft of $50 to $500, according to Frisco, Texas, police. He was released on writ bond at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday. Frisco Police Lt. Jason Jenkins said Randle is accused of attempting to steal underwear and cologne from Dillard’s in Stonebriar Centre Mall. A team source said Tuesday evening that the Cowboys would fine Randle an amount that has yet to be determined but will not suspend him. The arrest report states that store security officers, watching via the closed-circuit surveillance system, observed Randle purchase an item at the perfume counter before walking to the underwear section and concealing merchandise in his Dillard’s bag. He then exited the store before being stopped by security in the parking lot. The store security officers recovered from Randle a two-pack of black Polo underwear valued at $39.50 and an almost full “tester” bottle of Gucci Guilty Black cologne valued at $84. After being placed in the back of a police car, Randle told Frisco police officer Jason Kimbrough that he would have just kept walking to his car when confronted by security officer Raymond Wymer — the “old guy,” Randle called him — if he had known he would be arrested, according to the arrest report. Randle’s base salary is $495,000.

…Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said backup running back Joseph Randle will be fined significantly for being arrested for shoplifting in a Frisco, Texas, mall. USA Today Sports reported Wednesday that the fine will be for one week’s pay on his base salary of $495,000, which amounts to $29,117.

…Despite a surprisingly strong start, the Dallas Cowboys have lost their title as “America’s Team.” The Denver Broncos, with a Hall of Fame quarterback calling the shots as the team’s top football executive and a future Hall of Famer behind center in Peyton Manning, are the new America’s Team. That’s according to The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,543 adults (1,275 of whom said they followed professional football). The nationwide poll was taken from Sept. 10-17. The Broncos replaced the Dallas Cowboys, who had finished in The Harris Poll’s top spot for each of the previous six years as the “favorite team” of adults who follow professional football. The New York Giants finished as the No. 2 team with the Green Bay Packers at No. 3, the Cowboys at No. 4 and Pittsburgh Steelers at No. 5.

…Bo don’t know what Jameis is thinking. In an interview Tuesday on “The Jim Rome Show,” Bo Jackson lashed out at fellow Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston, suggesting the star Florida State quarterback has ignored his advice even while his off-the-field incidents have escalated. “I really don’t know who is giving this young man guidance,” Jackson said in the interview. “I have communicated with him, and I just talked to him like I was his dad. The things that you need to do. And this was before the incident where he was [suspended] from the baseball team [for stealing crab legs]. “I’m the type of person, I will go out of my way to help anybody. Normally, I don’t like giving people advice if I haven’t been down that road myself. But if I give you advice on something that I know more about than you by just falling out of bed in the morning, if you can’t take that advice and learn from it, then I’ve got nothing else to do with the situation. You’re on your own.”

…University of Hawaii running back Joey Iosefa has been suspended for three games after a weekend drunken driving arrest. The Hawaii athletic department said in a release that Iosefa is also no longer a team captain. According to police records, the 23-year-old Iosefa was taken into custody Sunday morning in Honolulu. He was released after posting $500 bail.
Head coach Norm Chow said he met with Iosefa on Tuesday. In a statement, Chow said the running back was “contrite, embarrassed and remorseful.” Iosefa said in the release he hopes to regain the trust of coaches, teammates and fans.

…Retired mixed martial artist Jason Miller was taken into custody and arrested last Thursday afternoon following a nonviolent standoff with Orange County Sheriff’s Department officers in California. Miller, 33, barricaded himself inside his residence at 26262 Ave. Calidad in Mission Viejo, California, at approximately 12:50 p.m. ET, after department officers attempted to serve him an arrest warrant on previous felony charges of domestic violence, criminal contempt and stalking. According to Lt. M. Kiernan, Miller was first approached outside his residence, at which point he “retreated inside the location.” Miller live-tweeted the standoff from his personal account, which has 222,000 followers. At one point during the standoff, he wrote, “just (sic) don’t let them shoot me.” At 5:13 p.m. ET, the OCSD reported via Twitter that Miller had surrendered in the back of the residence, following a “remote front door breach,” by lying on the ground with his hands exposed. OCSD said Miller was also charged with obstructing/delaying a peace officer as a result of Thursday’s incident, during which SWAT and Crisis Negotiations Team members responded. Yes, Miller is nuts.

…My guess is that this is not an isolated case. If he had to cast his Heisman Trophy ballot today, 1982 Heisman winner Herschel Walker said he would not vote for either Todd Gurley or Jameis Winston. The former Georgia running back appeared Thursday on ESPN’s “Paul Finebaum Show” and said that Florida State’s Winston, who won the award last season, and Georgia’s Gurley would not get his vote because of the off-field issues that have plagued both star players recently. Herschel Walker, who won the Heisman during his Georgia career, wouldn’t vote for current Bulldogs star Todd Gurley due to his off-field issues. “Until [Winston’s] act is cleaned up, I can’t give him my vote,” Walker said. “And I’ll say it right now. … The situation is the same with Todd Gurley. Right at this moment today, I can’t give him my vote. Now if he comes back and I see a change, then that vote can be there. But at this given time today, I can’t give him my vote.” Of course Walker left a great deal of wiggle room with that comment.

…New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation Friday that partially repeals the state’s sports betting prohibitions and clears the way for casinos and racetracks to begin taking bets as soon as next weekend. Monmouth Park, one of the state’s oldest thoroughbred tracks, has said it will offer sports betting starting Sunday, Oct. 26. Christie signed the bill just one day after the state assembly passed the legislation with overwhelming support. Most of the major professional sports leagues have opposed this action.

…Can the Super Super Senior Tour be in his plans? There are hot streaks, and then there is what happened to 81-year-old Dom DeBonis. DeBonis hit a hole-in-one on three consecutive days while on a golf trip with friends to the Grand Strand region near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. DeBonis’ run began on Oct. 6 when he aced the 112-yard 17th at Farmstead Golf Club in Calabash, North Carolina. He followed that up with a hole-in-one on the 129-yard sixth hole at Thistle Golf Club in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, on Oct. 7. DeBonis’ final strike came Oct. 8 at Blackmoor Golf Club in South Carolina from 118 yards out. “I just couldn’t believe it,” DeBonis, a native of Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “The guys were going bananas. They said we got to buy lottery tickets, so we went and bought a bunch of lottery tickets.” Amazingly, the trio of aces weren’t the first in DeBonis’ golf career, or even his only ones in the past two months. On Sept. 3, DeBonis holed out from 101 yards on the par-3 fifth hole of The Villages, his home course in Florida. Prior to that stroke of luck, it had been 45 years since DeBonis had previously marked a 1. I can relate to this. I once had 3 pars in a row.

…Shocking trade by Seahawks? Maybe not. The Seattle Seahawks surprised everyone by trading Percy Harvin to the New York Jets on Friday for a conditional pick, leaving many wondering about the motivation for the deal. It sounds like Harvin initiated the move. Bleacher Report NFL reporter Mike Freeman says a source told him Harvin didn’t want to be with the team, so they accommodated him with a trade. We don’t necessarily know if that means Harvin specifically went to management and requested a trade, or if his behavior indicated he was unhappy with the team, so they decided to ship him out. Whatever the case, it’s clear Harvin was not the factor the Seahawks thought they were getting when they traded for him.

…Add Harvin trade – The Monday Morning Quarterback’s Peter King adds that Harvin was difficult to deal with last year. “Harvin was more difficult to deal with last year than anybody knows. He has real trust issues with people. No getting it back once lost,” said King. Radio host Lance Zierlein of Sports Talk 790 in Houston reports that Harvin has major anger issues and is a chemistry-killer. “I was told “Harvin’s anger issues are just too much to deal with and he could single handedly bring down team chemistry,” said Zierlein. Harvin only played in one regular-season game while battling injuries. He was a partial contributor during the playoffs. This season Harvin had 22 catches for 133 yards and rushed for 92 yards and a touchdown while seeing action in all five of Seattle’s games.

…Final add Harvin trade – Zierlein commented further. “Harvin was a locker room nightmare, who actually gave Lions wide receiver Golden Tate a black-eye during the Seahawks week of Super Bowl preparation last February,” Zierlein said. “Heard ‘anger management’ had quite a bit to do w/ Harvin’s departure in Seattle,”according to Zierlein. “History of confrontations w/ teammates contd in SEA according to my guy including punching G Tate during SB week & near fight w/ #3 in ‘14,” noted Zierlein. It shouldn’t be a big shock. Guys with Harvin’s skills don’t usually bounce from team to team unless there are other issues. Evidently for Harvin his injuries were only a piece of the problem.

…The Los Angeles Dodgers held an introductory press conference for newly appointed president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman on Friday, and Friedman made a point to put an end to speculation around the Dodgers’ managerial situation, at least for 2015. According to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, Friedman said Don Mattingly will “definitely” be retained as manager for the 2015 season. Mattingly has two years remaining on an extension he signed in January of 2014. The deal runs through the 2016 season, but speculation over Mattingly’s job security only heated up when Friedman came to the Dodgers from the Tampa Bay Rays. That’s often a sign that Mattingly’s days are numbered. No comment from Yasiel Puig.

…ESPN.com has ranked nearly every NBA player, and the Worldwide Leader is releasing its selections leading up to the start of the 2014-15 season. And on Thursday, five more players (ranked 36-40) were revealed. Los Angeles Lakers G Kobe Bryant came in at No. 40, which surprised fans and analysts alike. Bryant—who possesses five championship rings and an MVP award—wasn’t very happy about it. And that’s understandable, being that Goran Dragic, Klay Thompson, Andre Drummond and Andre Iguodala are all ranked ahead of him. So Kobe weighed in. He called out the ESPN Forecast panel and said ESPNers are “a bunch of idiots.” Regardless of how you rate Kobe’s diminished skills, it’s hard to argue that there are not indeed a bunch of idiots at ESPN. Not all but many. ESPN attempted to explain the rationale behind the ranking on its most recent edition of SportsCenter, saying “Bryant’s health [was] a major factor in the dip in his player ranking.” Bryant was ranked 25th heading into last season.

…Kobe add from Coach Byron Scott – “I just look at it and I kind of smirk….I think he’ll have the last laugh.” And that would be no surprise at all.



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