Juice Farm at Palazzo; The Winner Bell for Vegas Shows; 5 New Things to do in Vegas for Free

juice farm

JuiceFarm Arrives at the Palazzo in December, ‘Prescribes’ Elixirs for What Ails You
By David Morris
If you’re like us, you’ve almost certainly had nights out in Las Vegas that have left you feeling a little out of sorts. With the arrival of L.A.’s JuiceFarm to the Palazzo in mid-December, you’ll be able to recover at the Strip’s first restorative, cold-pressed juicery.

For those who are unfamiliar with cold-press juicing, the process involves applying pressure (15,000 pounds of it!) to organic produce to extract juice, as opposed to traditional pureeing which can warm the product. This process is designed to “help keep the cellular walls intact while retaining the highest amount of natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals,” according to JuiceFarm’s menu. No additives or pasteurization processes are applied.

As JuiceFarm gets set to take over the defunct Sweet Surrender Cupcake space near the Palazzo’s guest elevator, we are told to expect several unique “fix-it kits” exclusive to the Las Vegas outpost. The first three rolling out include “Ramp Up” (described as power shot of electrolytes, super greens and caffeine), “Rescue” (a stomach-settling alkaline mixture amped full of amino acids) and “Restore” (a cleanse, complete with digestive-enhancing greens and a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, maca powder and honey).


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Ringing the Winner Bell For Las Vegas Shows


Serving up Thanksgiving kudos (with cranberry sauce and stuffing)
By Steve Bornfeld
Every run-up to Thanksgiving, columnists compile lists of either the year’s laughingstocks—a.k.a. “turkeys”—or blessings. While I wouldn’t quite call what follows “blessings”—more like “benefits”—I’ll opt for gratitude nonetheless.

Before I call dibs on the dark meat and resume sexting with Pocahontas, here’s a humble tip of the Pilgrim’s chapeau to …

• Another year of Shania Twain’s Caesars Palace residency: Whose bed have her boots been under? Technically, every bed in every hotel room above the Colosseum. … No, we didn’t mean it that way, perv.

• Return of Donny Osmond to the Flamingo stage after being sidelined by a torn muscle in his rear compartment. Given how much fun he and sister Marie have sassing each other, his absence left a big sass hole.

• Clean comedy’s triumph at LVH via non-potty-mouth Carlos Oscar: Think you can’t get laughs without profanity? You are so fucking wrong.

• New X Rocks topless revue at the Rio: Creative above and beyond the standard boob-a-rama because these shows need more than just naked breasts. Or so women always tell me.

• Hot honey Claire Sinclair going nearly—and perhaps someday, completely—topless in the Stratosphere’s Pin Up. Anything less is a sinful waste of nature’s bounty. Or so I always tell women.

• Celebrating a decade of Zumanity at New York-New York. Seeing the sexy, soaring circus again recently was so, uh, stimulating, that I made a memo-to-self to repair the trapeze over my bed.

• Upcoming Britney Spears residency at Planet Hollywood: Rejoice, fans of class and decorum—now Miley Cyrus has somewhere to go in Vegas to learn how to act like a lady onstage.

• Impressionist extraordinaire Véronic DiCaire at Bally’s: Beginning by imitating a giant YAAAAAWN, her take on Anita Baker is uncanny. I tried it and developed narcolepsy.

• Don “Methuselah” Rickles: Decades come and go, but Mr. Warmth remains the worst enemy political correctness ever had. Which should make him everybody’s best friend.

• Quick hook of The D* Word—A Musical (*Ditched, Dumped, Divorced and Dating) at LVH. Revised title, should it ever re-emerge here: Kvetch: The Musical.

• Truncated stopover of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the Venetian: Yeah, it flopped. That didn’t change the fact that it was faaaaabulous, a feast of fun whether you’re gay, straight, transgendered or engaged to your blowup doll.

• Thriller revamp of Rio’s MJ Live!: With due respect to the overwhelming eye and ear candy of Cirque’s Michael Jackson ONE, this much-lower-rent Jax attack, featuring rotating tribute artists Jalles Franca, Justin Dean and Tony Kouns, is where the King of Pop really pops. So real that you worry that their noses might fall off.

• Renewal of Absinthe at Caesars Palace: Porn stars could learn a few tricks from Penny Pibbets’ sex-obsessed sock puppets. They should make their own porno. Given what “socks” rhymes with, imagine the title possibilities.

• Self-parking at the Cosmopolitan: Green and red lights over the spaces make casino parking almost pleasurable. Forget what I said atop this column: This is a genuine blessing.

Got an entertainment tip? Email Steve.Bornfeld@VegasSeven.com.


cactus garden

5 new free things to do in Las Vegas
by Aleza Freeman
Vacations in Las Vegas can get expensive, so it’s always nice to find some free fun during your visit. Here are five brand new things you can do on your Vegas vacation:

1. Light up your life

Let there be lights

Where: Cactus Garden at Ethel M Chocolates
When: Through Jan. 1, 2014

Wander through the Ethel M Chocolates’ 20th Annual Holiday Cactus Garden and enjoy three acres of illuminated cacti pathways and a chocolate wonderland. The display features more than 500,000 holiday lights. Local choirs and Santa will also make appearances.

2. Create and meditate
Where: P3 Studio at The Cosmopolitan
When: 6 to 11 p.m., Wednesdays through Sundays until Dec. 8
Enter a healing space and participate in the creation of sand paintings with Field Kallop, the current artist-in-residence at The Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio. The interactive exhibit called “A Sum of Harmonies” features Kallop suspending pendulums in the studio and arranging them every evening based on the current movements of astronomical objects. Guests are then invited to fill the pendulums with different shades of local desert sand and set the pendulums in motion. Collective sand drawings will remain on display for 24 hours and will then be swept away, to start over the next day.

3. See for miles and miles

The Who up above

Where: Fremont Street Experience Viva Vision Canopy
When: 10 p.m. nightly
Cost: Free

Rock out to The Who – Miles Over Vegas, a new light and sound show broadcast on the world’s largest video screen. The Viva Vision canopy is an LED display canopy rising 90 feet in height and stretching 1,500 feet along the Fremont Street Experience promenade from Main Street to Fourth Street. The new Who show includes three of the band’s most iconic songs – “I Can See for Miles,” “Pinball Wizard” and “My Generation” – custom-synced to stunning graphics including live music footage, album art, performance footage and more.

4. Satisfy your Beatlemania
Where: Palms Casino Resort Addison Room
When: 2 p.m. to midnight on Nov. 22 & 23

Witness the first-ever public exhibit of former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr’s photography, featuring prints from the book “Photograph” by Genesis Publications. The book and print exhibit showcases amazing moments in Ringo Starr’s history as captured through the eye of his camera lens, including his now world-famous “kids in the car” photo. The exhibit runs in tandem with the only Ringo Starr and the All-Starr Band U.S. tour dates, which will take place at The Pearl Concert Theater Friday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 23. For concert information, click here.

5. Embrace the holiday spirit
Where: The Venetian & The Palazzo
When: Through Jan. 5

Enjoy a flurry of seasonal festivities at the third annual Winter in Venice celebration. Festivities include a skating rink, character performances, a fantasy scene in The Palazzo Waterfall Atrium and Gardens, a 3-D light projection show and two Italian-inspired food festivals. Additionally, food and beverage venues throughout the Venetian and Palazzo will offer seasonal Winter in Venice menus.

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