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Where to find the best bar bites in Vegas
by Kristine McKenzie
Everyone knows that drinking alcohol and eating food go hand in hand. Sometimes you want a certain food that pairs well with the beer or wine you’re drinking. Sometimes (usually if you’ve had one cocktail too many) you just want to eat a whole bunch of comfort food.

When you think of bar food you often think of things like nachos and sliders — and there are plenty of bars in Vegas that can offer you that. We also have bars that offer some more unusual fare like crab cakes and lobster tacos that taste pretty darn good with a drink.

No matter what type of food you’re looking for there’s a bar in town that can satisfy your craving. Here are 10 of our favorite places to go for great bar food:

Comme Ça at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:
This French restaurant also has a separate lounge and bar area with a nightly social hour from 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. where you can nosh on a variety of things for under $20. Since it’s an acclaimed French place you’re not going to find your traditional bar menu here, but you’ll find some pretty amazing food including beef tartare, escargot and mushroom pie, shrimp cocktail, Mediterranean octopus, oysters on the half shell and bone marrow & oxtail jam. If that’s all a bit out of your comfort zone, you can always stick with The Comme Ça burger with Vermont cheddar, secret sauce, onion slaw and french fries.

Todd English P.U.B. at Crystals:
Celebrity chef Todd English’s P.U.B. serves up 50 international bottled and keg beers and nothing goes better with beer than some good bar food. Luckily the pub offers things like crispy beer battered pickles, Junk Chips (tomato, scallion, blue cheese crumbles, barbecued beef ragu and scallion aioli), corn dog puppies, toasted soft pretzels, prime rib beef chili, burgers, foot long hot dogs and even a grilled bologna sandwich.

Park on Fremont, 506 Fremont St.:
Park on Fremont is a great place to go for beers and cocktails and to enjoy the charming outdoor space. If you have a few drinks you’ll undoubtedly get hungry and there are lots of things we love on their menu like the mac & cheese balls, made with bacon mac & cheese rolled up in Panko bread crumbs and fried to perfection. Another favorite is the fried pickles, and we dare you to resist the Garbage Fries: cheese, bacon, jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, chipotle peppers and avocados, topped with a fried egg.

Press at the Four Seasons:
The Press lobby bar has indoor and outdoor space. We like to get an outdoor table overlooking the Four Seasons’ pool and grab some small plates after 4 p.m. You’ll find salted mini pretzels with stout cheese dipping sauce, short rib arancini and the All-in Fries — sweet potato, skinny truffle and waffle varieties with creamy tomato ranch. Trust us, you’ll want to stick around until after 6 p.m. when you can get desserts like NYC Cronut holes, hand dipped vanilla ice cream bars and cheesecake pops. Oh, and if you’re on a date, there are fireside s’mores and chocolate and salted caramel fondue for two.

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at Caesars Palace:
There’s no better place to grab a pint than a British pub and it’s even better when the food at the pub comes from “Hell’s Kitchen” chef Gordon Ramsay. The pub serves 36 beers on tap plus 63 bottled beers and the food was designed to pair well with it. You’ll find snacks like Scotch eggs, Hellfire lollipop wings, English beer steamed clams and pub spots — a British version of a slider. There are also main courses like shepherd’s pie and the classic Yorkshire ale batter fish and chips.

Nine Fine Irishmen at New York – New York:
If a bar has something called Drunken Onion Rings on its menu you know it’s a good place to pair alcohol and food. Nine Fine Irishmen’s Drunken Rings are bloody Mary marinated, beer-battered and served with spicy mustard. We also love the Irish nachos – potatoes with beer cheese sauce, chives, aioli and green onions; and the beer and cheese dip made with Smithwick’s Ale and Irish cheddar cheese.

Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The LINQ:
The bar at Guy Fieri’s features 16 craft beers, handcrafted cocktails and a frozen shot system that dispenses eight different shots out of an iced dispenser. After you’ve sampled all those shots you’ll be needing some food to soak up some of that alcohol and Fieri is the king of comfort food. When in Vegas you need to try Fieri’s Vegas Fries, which are tossed in Buffalo sauce, topped with shaved blue cheese, celery and carrots, accompanied by blue-sabi dipping sauce. The Fireball Whisky Wings are another excellent choice, tossed in housemade Buffalo sauce infused with Fireball cinnamon whisky. And the Guy-talian Fondue Dippers are tasty pepperoni-wrapped pretzels served with smoky provolone and Italian pork sausage cheese dip, topped with fresh diced tomato and basil.

Michael Mina Pub 1842 at MGM Grand:
Acclaimed chef Michael Mina’s pub serves more than 60 choices of ales, pilsners, stouts and lagers — and the menu, which features creative takes on comfort food, pairs perfectly with them. We recommend the happy hour menu where you’ll find things like Korean pork ribs, brisket sliders (American black Angus beef, Kansas City barbecue sauce and kale slaw), lobster grilled cheese (Maine lobster, Vermont white cheddar and seasoned fries) and a pail of fries with barbecue spice and poppy seed dressing.

Hussong’s at Mandalay Bay:
If you’re drinking tequila shots and margaritas you’ll want some Mexican food to go with it. Hussong’s has some great snacks to go along with your drinks. Trust us, you’ll want to try the grilled corn, which is brushed with mayo-butter and sprinkled with cotija cheese and chili flakes. There’s also taquitos, loaded papas (shoestring fries with chicken, steak or carnitas, beans, cheese sauce, bacon bits, pico de gallo, jalapenos, sour cream and avocado-tomatillo sauce), a variety of guacamoles and mini sopes (Mexican corn masa boats filled with beans, meat, lettuce, sour cream, cotija cheese and pico de gallo).

Vice Versa at Vdara:
This sophisticated bar at Vdara features an indoor/outdoor concept with different drinks and food in each area. Vice is inside and Versa is outside. You’ll find hearty pub fare and intriguing libation variations on the Vice menu mixed with lighter cuisine and classic beverages on the Versa menu. At Vice you can pair your drinks with surf and turf sliders (tempura lobster, steak, grilled onions and Swiss cheese), lobster tacos, flatbreads, truffle fries, fried mac & cheese bites, loaded potato tots and chicken wings. At Versa you’ll find chicken teriyaki sliders, pan-seared ahi tuna, crab cake lollipops and grilled lamb lollipops with blueberry barbecue sauce and mini chimichurri.



The diviest dive bars in Vegas
by Miranda Boyd
A dive is a dive and everyone needs to deal with that. It’s not an insult. It’s not really a badge of honor. But it’s a mantle that means a rougher clientele and the occasional Joe mom jeans who wanders in and tries not to make eye contact. That said, this is Vegas and even our dive bars are fabulous. So before you cave to stereotypes or worry about getting hepatitis from glancing at the pool table, remember that even the dingiest dirt in this town is at least 10 percent glitter. So without further a-don’t-touch-that, here are the best dive bars in Las Vegas.

Huntridge Tavern
Diviness: An abandoned strip mall bought out by hipsters

The strip mall thing wasn’t even part of the joke. Huntridge Tavern actually is in a strip mall. It’s not abandoned or, to our knowledge, owned by hipsters. But it is a one of those Vegas spots that you don’t get to see a lot of on the Strip. On the side of a pharmacy that unironically says “Drugs” and “Liquor” on the front, Huntridge Tavern is one of those Las Vegas locals’ hangouts that tourists occasionally end up when they’re stumbling around in a daze looking for a drink and/or their anxiety medication. However you end up there, whether you remember the journey or not, Huntridge Tavern is one of those bars where bikers and bicyclists can bump arms and only get into a fight over how much Jameson they can drink.

Double Down
Divitude: A punk rocker’s fever dream

We’ve heard the argument recently that Double Down Saloon has become so divey that it’s transcended divitude and become almost a parody of a dive bar with the same bite. We respectfully disagree, but can understand the sentiment. Double Down is the place you’d picture if someone told you the Misfits’ logo threw up on their black Vans at the bar last night. There’s a wall that says “Shut up and drink” among many, many other things. The bathroom is filthy. They serve disgusting drinks that we don’t like to think about but actually taste pretty good. And the wall art is something to behold then drink until you forget. But the real attractions here are the shows. Punk rock in all its varieties and many more forms of hard and fast and kickass music can be found. So down a bacon martini and mosh your heart out. What more could you want from a place that dubs itself the “happiest place on earth”? Eat that, Portia de Rossi’s underwear drawer.

Hogs and Heifers
Divacity: Biker gang who are really into the movie “Roadhouse”

This is another one of those entries that seems obvious. The line of Harleys out front definitely gets it list cred. And the bras on the back of the bar give it a sort of homey vibe, like a casual Sunday afternoon in the country hanging laundry and watching clouds. Yeah, we don’t believe that either. Hogs and Heifers is a bar where losing your bra is a bonus, albeit an unsupportive one. Some of the bras even belong to celebrities, though it’s unlikely that they’ll let you guess the celebrity based on smell. But if you’ve ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of Julia Roberts, and the whole acting thing never worked out, you can always throw your bra into the mix. Of course, if you’re boobly challenged and don’t wear a bra, you can still enjoy a biker/country/divey/underweary vibe at this Las Vegas institution.

Atomic Liquors
Divology: Graffiti of a post-apocalyptic future that never happened

Atomic Liquors is a throwback to the nuclear age, if the nuclear age threw out all its awesome, divey bar stuff before buying all those ugly, lime green kitchen appliances. Reigning as the oldest bar in Las Vegas (it did close for a time but they like the title so we’ll let them have it) and holding the first package liquor license and off-sales permit (which is legal stuff that just means they can give us booze), Atomic Liquors has become one of Las Vegas’ most iconic acknowledgements of how many explosions irradiated this state. In the good old days, you know when radiation was fun and new, people even sat on the roof of the bar to watch the bomb tests – or so the story goes. We couldn’t reach any of those people for comment due to their current status as mutants. But we’ll take the bar’s word for it. This is a dive bar that knows its roots and is a place for the alcoholic history buff in all of us.

Dino’s Lounge
Divality: What’s left of the mob after Liam Neeson gets through with them

At Dino’s, they know how to take care of family. Seriously, we’re not making a mafia reference. It’s actually a legacy bar. Started by Dino in 1962, the bar is now run by his granddaughters and remains a pure spot in Vegas to drink to the old days. The history isn’t all about gangsters, but it’s definitely an interesting note. While the city has turned into megaresorts and the mob has realized they can’t compete for villainy with internet trolls, Dino’s has stuck around to form a dive bar that dives deep for its ambiance. If you ever wanted to pretend you were planning a heist, or you just need a stiff drink after a long day of taking “protection” money via PayPal, let Dino’s make you feel like family.

Diversity (See what we did there?): A parking lot party under a rainbow roof

This just wouldn’t be a Vegas dive bar list without a gay bar. Sure, we’ve got the higher end gay clubs. But we’ve also got a truly inspiring level of gay dive bars, because even gay people need a break from the glitter once in a while. When you just want to drink and dance and watch drag queens drink and dance, there’s no better place in town than FreeZone. The cocktails are dirt cheap. The go-go dancers are scantily clad. And the pole in the middle of the mirror-lined dance floor practically calls to you when you’re trashed at 4 a.m. after a PRIDE event. Our bum still hurts from falling off that thing. Being located in the Fruit Loop, the party can occasionally spill out into the FreeZone parking lot as people move back and forth from Piranha across the street. Everyone’s welcome. Everyone can dance together. And everyone can belt out their favorite karaoke hits while everyone else laughs.

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